Superintendent Resigns Following Kindergarten Sex Scandal

The Open Records Project broke the story of the sexually disturbed kindergarten teacher in charge of 5 year old boys and girls at a premier Texas public school. School Sex and Secrecy

In the space of a month, the teacher resigned.
The District's Chief of Staff resigned.
Now, the Superintendent has resigned.
Agenda Item 4. October 11, 2022 Regular Meeting

However the cover up continues full tilt. The local daily newspaper, The Dallas Morning News, made no mention of the kindergarten sex scandal and claims the superintendent was to "retire".
Highland Park Schools Superintendent to Retire

Five years ago a parent by the name of Meg Bakich discovered the institution of a Sexual Grooming curriculum that featured testing, polling, and sexual visual aids in the library including comic books. District attendance has been in continuous decline since that time.

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