School Sex and Secrecy

Sorry for the shocking kindergarten teacher's doodle. These ain't your momma's teachers.

"Sexually disturbed" is the most polite description of the latest addition to the Sexual Grooming teacher corps of a once exceptional school district.

Highland Park (Dallas, Texas) is one of the wealthiest areas in the country, replete with corporate CEOs, private equity big shots, and of course oil and gas tycoons.

In less than a decade the school district has managed to massively indebt the community, purge an experienced teacher corps built up over a generation, torch its TOP TEN nationwide ranking, and now this.

We'll let this outraged father's letter and attachments to Superintendent Tom Trigg and Prinicipal Debbie Burt tell the story. Dad's interest was peaked when his 5 year old daughter announced, "My teacher is crazy" about a teacher whose "preferred pronouns" were announced as (they/them/theirs).

For those unfamiliar with the gender pronoun affectation, (they/their/theirs) indicates the person is uncertain whether they are male or female. For example, the teacher's drawing at the top of the page is quite possibly a self-image featuring the long hair and breasts of a near-pubescent female combined with male genitalia.

One month later...

In short the District:
1. After a "comprehensive" background check hired a disturbed "(they/them/theirs)" to teach the youngest and most vulnerable students without any warning to parents,
2. Denied there were any parent complaints even after the letter above emerged,
3. Refused to brief parents even after the sex scandal began spreading by word-of-mouth,
4. After a month allowed "(they/them/theirs)" to quietly resign so as not to raise additional questions,

The key takeaway here is total INDIFFERENCE to parent fears and child safety.

The parallels to the Uvalde elementary school shooting are striking. The highly paid professional "experts" failed the parents and children at every level.

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